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The image shows SEN Personal Trainer Kevin Will, Autism & ADHD Exercise

Kevin Will


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SEN Personal Training & Mentoring

Kevin Will is London's most sought-after Personal Trainer & Mentor for neurodiverse children, an Educational Therapist, accredited Youth Exercise Specialist and the only certified Autism Exercise Specialist. He is the founder of London's Exceptional Warriors "Alight here for fit & resilient children" an innovative scheme which offers children & teenagers with ADHD, Autism & mental health conditions the opportunity to benefit from a bespoke exercise programme on a one-to-one basis. Kevin focuses on the physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise which include improvements in mood, lower levels of anxiety and stress-relief which in turn decreases the need for medication. Kevin, originally from Germany, strives to be a role model for neurodiverse children and is passionate about using exercise as a tool to help individuals become more resilient and to reach their full potential. He mainly works in central London but also offers international visits and Personal Training sessions for neurotypical siblings & parents.

"If you want to go fast- go alone.

If you want to go far- go together."

African proverb

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