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Personal Training for children & teenagers with additional needs 

London´s Exceptional Warriors is an innovative scheme that offers individuals with additional needs and mental health conditions the opportunity to benefit from a structured and individualized exercise programme in a safe and quiet environment on a one-to-one basis. The tailor-made exercise programmes, emphasising the benefits of exercise, are supposed to guide children and teenagers with additional needs towards taking part in sports in which they can succeed and have fun without being exposed to the risk of becoming excluded or suffering from sensory overloads. 


Originally for Germany, certified Educational Therapist, Youth Exercise Specialist and Personal SEN Trainer Kevin Will has been offering bespoke holistic exercise programmes for children with additional needs in central London since 2019. Kevin's sessions focus on both physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise which include improvements in mood, lower leves of anxiety and stress-relief. He works closely with other professionals across London, including the Dr. Giaroli Centre on Harley Street, Occupational Therapists from Maximium Potential, ABC-OT and Abingdon House School/College

Children and teenagers who attend weekly exercise sessions have additional needs and health conditions, such as: 


• Autism 

• Asperger's Syndrome 


• Down's Syndrome 

• Sensory Processing Disorders 

• Developmental Delay 

• Social Skills Difficulties 

• Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia 

• Learning Difficulties 

• Anxiety & Depression 

• Self-harm

• Lack of Confidence & Self-esteem 

• Limited Communication 

• Fine and Gross Motor Skills Delay 

• Hearing Impairment 

• Obesity


The exercise programmes are designed to meet your daughter's or son's individual needs and include: 

• Strengthening Exercises

• Balance, Flexibility & Coordination

Core Stability

• Kick Boxing 

• Reaction Drills

• Motor planning

• Plyometric Training

• Functional Movements  

• Agility Training

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