"Unique people deserve unique support!"

My name is Kevin Will and I am the Director of London's Exceptional Warriors Ltd. I have been running this project since 2019. I am a certified Youth Exercise Specialist, an accredited Personal Trainer Level 3, Special Needs Trainer & a state-approved Educational Therapist for individuals with additional needs. In addition, I am a professional Life Coach for adults (www.changedirection-coaching.com). 

Over the last years, I have been offering neurotypical and neurodiverse children/teenagers the best opportunities to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and in particular to become physically fit and resilient within the home and school environment. It is fascinating how much potential each individual has within themselves. I am truly passionate about exploring a person's resources to then support them in the most efficient way and witness them progressing. It is one of the few true rewarding jobs where your work has an immediate impact on the person´s emotional and physical well-being. It might be a warm smile or a firm hug that shows you the significance of your daily work.


I am originally from Germany and exercise has always played a vital role in my life. It puts my mind in a more positive state and makes me feel good about myself. I love to share moments of success with other people and I hope that I can make a positive impact on you or your child's well-being too.  

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