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I would like to personally welcome you to London's Exceptional Warriors, an unique and professional exercise scheme that provides children with additional needs and mental health issues the opportunity to experience the physcial and emotional benefits of exercise. As you may know it is difficult for most sports clubs to meet the individual needs of neurodiverse children. As a result they feel left out, rejected and ultimately discouraged to take part in any kind of exercise which obviously affects their health. 


My aim has always been to support those children on a one-to-one basis to become more sportive, active and confident. I'd like exercise to become the tool that boosts a child's resilience, self-esteem and self-motivation by getting them out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. Ideally, this enables children to thrive in other areas of their lives to reach their full potential. Exercise has always played a vital role in my own life, it puts my mind in a positive state and makes me feel good about myself. I love to share moments of success with other people and I am passionate about my job.  I hope that I can make a positive impact on your child's well-being too. 


- Educational Therapist

- Certified Gym Instructor Level 2

- Certified Personal Trainer Level 3

- Certified Special Needs Trainer

- Certified Special Needs Group Instructor 

- Certified Youth Exercise Specialist

- Certified MMA Conditioning Specialist

- Certified Women Fitness Specialist  

- Certified Professional Life Coach


- Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity Certificate

- Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certificate

- NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism