Functional Movements

The aim is to strengthen the neurological  connection between body & brain (vice versa) through repetitive functional movements which improve posture, concentration, coordination and balance. Repetitive functional movements allow senses and euqilibirium to develop so that reasoning and emotional control can occur.

Stress Relief/Boxing

Boxing drills help individuals to work on hand-eye coordination, but more importantly it is a great outlet for stress and muscle tension. Boxing is extremely beneficial for children and adults with ADHD as it boosts mood and releases the neurotransmitter dopamine which sharpens focus and triggers positive feedback.

Sensory System/Balance/Coordination

The goal behind sesnsory integration movements is to train individuals to have control of themselves physically so that they can ultimately have control mentally to respond appropiately to external stimuli. Exercise generates cell growth, which means that individuals have more neurons working for them. This improves the ability to learn more efficiently and to hold on to memories longer. Furthermore, we also focus on basic reactions and motor skills. 

Plyometric Training (Agility ladder) + Stamina/Endurance

During this session we focus on the ability to move in one direction as fast as possible in a controlled manner with the help of an agility ladder. The agility ladder improves an individual´s coordination and the ability to accelerate, to decelerate, and to change directions. Drills start very simple and slowly increase in difficulty to work on one´s ability to react and switch positions quickly. By keeping the intensity high, we work on endurance and stamina. Plyometric exercises improve bone strength as well as connective tissue and decrease the risk of injury.  


The combination of running, walking, sprinting, throwing and kicking can bring benefits including increased stamina, improved cardiovascular health, reduced body fat, improved muscle strength and tone, increased bone strength and improved coordination.