Regarding health and well-being, one of the most common problems nowadays is that people, and specifically children, are less active! We tend to live sedentary lives that are driven by technology which involves hardly any physical effort. As a result, people are exposed to an increased risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes type 2, heart disease and obesity. According to the NHS, children and teenagers are supposed to do three types of physical activity each week in order to stay healthy, combined with a nutritious diet.

Many neurodiverse children in the UK miss out on their weekly physicial exercise due to high levels of anxiety, low self-esteem, self-stimulatory behaviours, hyperactivity or limited verbal communication. Unlike their peers, there are hardly any opportunities and facilities for individuals with additional needs in London to enjoy the benefits of structured physical activities. Eventually, parents will struggle with stereotypic behaviours, tantrums and meltdowns at home, with homework being left undone and with leisure time being spent in front of the iPad. Those children become even more withdrawn with no self-confidence, resulting in a chronic sedentary lifestyle. 

London's Exceptional Warriors scheme focuses on neurodiverse children's individual needs and gives them the opportunity to exercise in a safe and nurturing environment. Typical benefits include:

• Improved concentration & focus 

• Energy release 
• More resilience 
• Improved balance & coordination 
• Better emotional & mental health 
• Improved self-perception 
• Boost in self-esteem/self-confidence 
• Improved social skills 
• Stress relief 
• Better sleep 
• Increased stamina 
• Better quality of life