Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

"Dear Kevin, I just wanted to let you know that Sam's form teacher told me yesterday that Sam has started to play football with some of the other boys during breaks at school. This is the first time he has ever expressed any desire to play football and I'm sure it's because of his work with you, and becoming more confident in his body. So what you are doing is helping Sam in many ways and we are very grateful." - Caroline

"I can’t recommend Kevin highly enough, he has been great, he motivates Matt but understands the importance of breaks to help Matt regulate. It had always bothered me that Matt hadn’t been able to do the sports’ clubs his siblings. He has been running sessions in a Matt-appropriate way." - Magda

"Sabrina has been coming for over a year now and can't wait to see you on Saturday's. She absolutely loves the boxing sessions with you and is super tired afterwards. We always struggled in sports clubs because of Sabrina's anxiety... I am so happy to have found this exercise scheme! Ps: Sabrina is just about to create her own play list on Spotify for next week. I hope you are ready for "The Greatest Showman" Thank you so much for everything!" - Fiona

"Hi Kevin, Max came back from school today with a cheeky smile on his face! He was over the moon because he has been selected for this year's football team. He was so proud of his accomplishment! Thank you for your professional input, patience and positivity. I know that it hasn't been easy over the last six months but seeing Max full of confidence and self-esteem is priceless." - Sara

"The best and safest place for neurodiverse children to exercise in London. Professional, warm and caring! Both Max and Charlie love their sessions. Thank you so much for your hard work and patience." - Elizabeth

"Dear Kevin, what you do is simply amazing. You manage to create an environment where both of my children feel so comfortable in. No behaviours, no discussions and no stress! I can drop them off and don't need to worry all the time. One hour of sweating and fun for them while mum gets one hour of rest ;-)! Thank you."- Ruth