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Ross Linton,

OT Maximum Potential

As an OT it’s extremely important to find fellow professionals who can offer a service that is not just about gaining physical results but also about developing young brains and making a positive impact on young minds.

I’ve referred clients to Kevin now for a number of years. The physical aspect that Kevin provides is like nothing I’ve seen before. The tailored interventions are always bespoke to every child and young adult, it’s fair to say the results speak for themselves. The therapeutic relationships and day to day guidance plus mental well-being strategies are exceptional. If your looking for a mentor, Special Needs Personal Trainer and a well-being coach then I advise you to make a the decision and book a session with Kevin.

James Gilbert- Farrell,

Deputy Head Abingdon House School

Kevin leads both group and individual PT sessions with the students at Abingdon House School as well as private sessions after the school day.

Kevin leads a range of exciting and engaging activities for the students - all of which have been specifically adapted to support the core strength, social skills, and development of students with SEND.

Kevin has built positive relationships with the students he works with and knows instinctively how to get the best out of them. The students really benefit from their sessions with Kevin and they love the work they do with him.

Adriana Sanchez,


My 17 year old son (ASD, ADHD and Specual Auditory Processing Disorder) has been training with Kevin for the past 5 years.

My son’s fitness has increased noticeably going from a young boy that didn’t enjoy working out to now looking forward to his weekly workout sessions.

Besides being extremely reliable and dedicated, Kevin has a personal, flexible and motivating approach. He has a well rounded knowledge of special needs, providing a relaxed yet supportive environment. He makes each training session challenging but rewarding which is exactly what children and young people with special needs require to keep them motivated and have a sense of achievement.

As a Speech and Language Therapist I was greatly impressed by how Kevin caters his session to the varying levels of need using the right level of language needed for his clients.

I highly recommend Kevin and can’t thank him enough for the positive influence he has been in my son’s path and becoming more independent.

Rory Vokes-Dudgeon,

Headmaster Abingdon House School & College

London's Exceptional Warriors is a fantastic and engaging way for children to get involved in sporting activities. Kevin is friendly, understanding, caring and enthusiastic which means that the students get the absolute most out of the sessions. It is always great to see smiles on children's faces as they enter and even bigger ones as they leave the sessions.

Dr. Sonya Makhmood,

Neurodevelopmental Conditions Specialist

I have known Kevin for many years. He is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, inspiring, motivated and dedicated individuals that I have ever come across throughout my career and profession. Kevin loves being challenged, through this he loves bringing the best out of his clients and offers the most amazingly bespoke and exceptionally tailored programs. I highly recommend Kevin, he is an invaluable asset to any organisation and family ! 

Kevin is an exceptional mentor, motivator and a real gem. My 14 year old son with autism has been seeing Kevin for over a year and people have commented at how much stronger he is. It is no small feat to get my son who has poor motor coordination, poor motor planning and core control to do planks and exercise in general. Kevin is so popular that my 12 year old NT son has asked to have health and fitness sessions and, is thoroughly enjoying them. Kevin is kind, personable, creates an atmosphere of calm and fun where the kids genuine look forward to having sessions with him and are disappointed when they cannot. We are fortunate to have found such a role model for our sons in Kevin. Super! Highly recommended. Do not look further and have no doubt that you would have made the right choice having sessions with Kevin.

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