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SEN Support

Below you can find other professionals, agencies and schools who provide an excellent service and with whom Kevin has been working with over the past few years. 

• Big Life Journal 

(The Big Life Journal is a science-based journal that helps children grow resilient, confident, and emotionally healthy.)

• The Dr. Giaroli Centre 

(a collaborative team of psychiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD & Autism; from childhood to adulthood.) 

• Abingdon House School & College

(Abingdon House School provides a mainstream style education with a specialist approach, in a supportive and collaborative school community.) 

• RDI Consultant - Andreja Stefulj

(RDI and Yoga for Autism and Diverse Needs)

Carla Mc Call, ABC-OT 

(Occupational Therapist)

SNAP Care, SEN Recruitment Agency 

(SEN carers, nannies, support workers)

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